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Subaru at the Geneva Motor Show 2015

We are just under one month away from the beginning of this years Geneva Motor Show and each year it delivers on some tremendous vehicles for the upcoming year. This year is set to be no different as there are now a range of companies introducing new models which are all set to go on sale from this years event. The next car company in line to announce their entrants into the line up are Subaru who have today announced their full line up of vehicles for Geneva which will also include the debut of the Levorg and the new Outback model. Along side these two models will also come the new Forrester. So far Subaru have only revealed an image and the odd specification for the Levorg and Outback but the full setup is expected to be announced next month.


What can we expect from the new Levorg?

Well this particular model is already available on the road just not here in Britain. The car went on sale in Japan last year and is doing very well for itself on that market. When it is made available in Europe,it can be expected that the car could potentially feature the same engines used in Japan which include a 1.6 litre, petrol unit,a two litre engine and a boxer engine. Confirmation has not been made on the UK engine line up, it could very well differ compared to the Japanese version. We would expect to see at least one of these engines carry over to other markets though.


As far as the new addition to the Outback family goes, the main focus on the revamped model has been the safety features of the car. Subaru have now included the fitting of driver assistance technology called 'Eyesight' which will include a range of safety equipment including a lane departure warning system,an adaptive cruise control system and steering assistance system which detects oncoming collisions. Engine units are unconfirmed for the moment but this is to be revealed in Geneva we would expect.


From when will the Outback and Levorg be available?

The new Levorg model has been confirmed to go on sale from later on this year but nothing is set in stone for the Outback yet. We would expect it to arrive later this year though and go head to head with the likes of the Octavia Scout from Skoda.  

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