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Jaguar-Land Rover Diesel options-Subaru upgrades-Alfa Romeo Crossover

Jaguar have stated that nearly all of theirs and Land Rovers range are all set to receive diesel engine options in the future. The only model from their line up that will not receive the engines are F Type vehicles. The options of diesel engines will become available with all vehicles over the course of the next three years and the options will begin with Land Rovers new Range Rover models arriving later this year.


Both the XE and Jaguars first ever SUV the F Pace will then be the next in line to receive the new engine units. The idea behind the new options are in order to help improve upon fuel economy. Jaguar have however stated that they believe only around twenty percent of their customers would make the purchase on a diesel engine rather than a petrol unit.


An Alfa Romeo crossover to arrive in 2016

Crossover vehicles are becoming increasingly more popular amongst many manufactures from all around the world. Fiat have tried it with their 500 range and Nissan have set their Qashqai up with a crossover model too. Now Italian's Alfa Romeo are set to take the leap with a new model to debut next year. Information is yet to be revealed for the new crossover model but we do know that it has been codenamed the project 949. A new diesel engine range is also expected to come fitted to the car with one more crossover vehicle to follow in its footsteps. No comment has been made regarding whether the vehicle will be aimed at the UK and Europe are other countries around the world.


Subaru at the Tokyo Auto Salon

With all of the attention around the world focusing on Detroit this week, the Tokyo Auto Salon event has been somewhat left in the dark but don't worry ourselves and Subaru have come to the rescue. Subaru have been doing their best to turn heads in Tokyo this week by revealing more sporty versions of three of their popular vehicles. The XV,Legacy and UK bound Levorg have all received the updates. The cars have been kitted out with new colour options and design features. For example,the Levorg has been equipped now with a Blue colour option, red trims around the front grille,carbon fibre trimmings and a set of nineteen inch wheels. The Legacy has received much of the same kit with a two colour scheme being created inside of the car with the seating area and outside of the seating area receiving two different designs.


The XV Crosstrek is one of the more talked about cars though as Subaru revealed last week that they would offer the car in a bright Yellow scheme in the future but with just one thousand units of vehicle going on sale. They added to the excitement by revealing the car in the same colour job with extra equipment such as seventeen inch wheels fitting the bill. The interior colouring is also colour matched with the design coming in Black and Yellow. The popular Forester has been the next in line for changes as its suspension system has been lowered aswell as the suspension on the WRX which also receives new 20 inch alloy wheels. We expect to see these changes make their way to all of these listed models throughout this year.

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