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The Jaguar F Pace is born

British manufacturer Jaguar have made their presence felt today at the opening day of the Detroit Auto Show. The company have revealed that their all new and hotly anticipated SUV model is named the F Pace. The vehicle will officially arrive on the road from next year and will certainly help to increase the popularity of the SUV sector and help keep the competition at an all time high. The new car will make history for Jaguar by being the very first SUV car that the company has ever introduced onto the market. With both Jaguar and Land Rover partnered up, who better to design with than Land Rover who are very well known for their Range Rover models. Jaguar will look to carry forward this knowledge in their own vehicle.


What can you expect to find in the Jaguar F Pace

If the name is anything to go by, we can certainly expect the F Pace to pick up the pace of sales much in the same way the F Type has done over the years. Jaguar are keeping the specifics of the car very much under lock and key for the time being with the only real big confirmation coming from them is both the name and the fact that the car will be a five seater. A vast range of turbocharged petrol and diesel engines are expected to come along with the vehicle although this has not been set in stone as of yet. Recently put together images show the design that Jaguar are going for with the F Pace with an aggressive looking front end, slim headlights,an oval shaped grille and multi spoked alloys. The British brand have said that there model will have a good amount of space which could result in more than other SUV models on the road. If past Jaguar vehicles are anything to go by, we have not trouble in believing this.


How much would the F Pace be expected to cost?

The cards of Jaguar are being played close to their chest for the time being and with no launch or price tag confirmed, the future of the vehicle could very much be up in the air as for the moment. It could be expected however that the firm could be set to announce a costing of somewhere around the £30,000 area. Companies such as Audi and Toyota will be looking to keep their SUV range fresh as Jaguar enter the market for the first time and Volkswagen look set to introduce their Cross Coupe concept model. The division is certainly hotting up and we cannot wait to learn more about the specifics of the new Jaguar F Pace.  

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