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Tesla announcement-the Honda CR-Z to return-A new BMW i model in the works

Later on this afternoon Tesla Motors are set to make a big announcement which is said to change the face of their vehicle range in the future and to be more specific their Model S range. The announcement will be made by Tesla CEO Elon Musk later this afternoon after he teased the announcement via his official Twitter account earlier on this week. It is expected that the big announcement will be an extension of the range that the Model S gives out from one singular charge. This would certainly be a big deal for the Tesla brand as this is one of the main concerns that the brand have and customers have all around the world. A new extension of electrical range could put them in the lead against other electronic vehicles and could also help to increase the number of sales that the brand achieve with the car. As soon as we learn more about this news we will update you with the big announcement.


Are BMW producing another I model?

The latest to come from the guys over at the BMW company is that the brand could very well be hard at work on the development of a brand new addition into their I vehicle range. The family is dominated right now by both the i3 and the i8 giving out all electric power and hybrid power. The addition of a new vehicle into the range would more than likely expect to be another hybrid but in plug form but there is a chance we could see something along the lines of a hydrogen fuelled vehicle too much like the forthcoming Toyota Mirai. There is no word coming out yet regarding the specifications or even the design approach the company are going to take with the brand new car and it is believed that the next I model is in very early days with a design not even being decided upon at this moment in time. Given the success that both the i8 and i3 have achieved though, the next in line to receive the badging could go on to be just as much of a success.


Honda confirm the CR-Z is to return to Europe

Big news today courtesy over the team at Honda and that is that after the CR-Z being dropped from the companies UK line up, the vehicle is going to make its triumphant return to our roads and a brand new model is prepared for launch in 2017. The brand today revealed that the new model would arrive back on the road but it is going to be bringing some big changes along with it. The addition of a new engine was first on the agenda as the same engine found in the Civic Type R, the two litre turbocharged setup will also take its place of pride underneath the bonnet in the new model. Carrying on with the similarities with the Civic, the CR-Z will also adopt the front wheel drive setup from the standard hatchback too. New bodywork styling will also be brought to the table which will see the vehicle come more in the form of a coupe model. These changes could prove to be the big move that Honda needed to increase sales on their CR-Z range and we are excited to see just how successful the car proves to be when it makes its grand return.  

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