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Tesla production increase-JLR SVO stand alone cars-Toyota Mirai in the UK

Jaguar Land Rover special vehicle operations are a division of the British brand which offer more enhanced versions of their current range and are known for being more powerful and finely tuned. Now though there is some speculation that the SVO division may very well be receiving their own stand alone vehicles. The head of special vehicle operations John Edwards spoke about this by stating that they have the capabilities to make SVO models more stand alone cars and it is definitely an option they have available. We have seen the likes of the Jaguar F Type and some Range Rovers receive the treatment including the new Range Rover Sport model so we are certainly excited by the news that this could happen in the future. Do you think that this would be a good idea by the British firm?.Let us know what you think via Facebook,Twitter and Google Plus.


The new Toyota Mirai to launch by September?

The Toyota Mirai hydrogen vehicle went on sale in the companies home country of Japan last year and since this time there has been some speculation on when we can expect to see the new FCV make its debut on the streets of the United Kingdom. However now we know that we can expect to see the grand launch of the car on the European market by September of this year. The brand have said that the main countries they will be targeting first are Germany, Denmark and right here in the UK. Since the vehicle launched in Japan last December, Toyota were shocked by the sheer amount of orders the vehicle received which far exceeded their expectations. So much so that more production was completed in order to provide the vehicle to customers. The car will make history by offering 153 brake horse power from a hydrogen fuel tank but can the Mirai prove to be just as successful in Europe as it has been in the brands home country?.


Tesla plan production increases

Tesla Motors have stated their intention to increase the production of some of their most popular vehicles throughout the course of this year. We all know Tesla for being the electric vehicle supplier who have brought us some treats such as the Model S and the Roadster and who are also set to offer their new Model X also. They have certainly made an impact on the electric vehicle market. Last year the firm became so popular to the point that they massively increased the number of staff that work for them by just over five thousand. Deliveries of their vehicles this year are looking to be boosted by seventy percent as revealed by the brand. So will this make Tesla even more significant in the EV market than they already are?.  

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