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Toyota Mirai orders-Hyundai's new marketing direction-Nissan and NASA partnership

Toyota have achieved a great number of 1,500 orders on their brand new hydrogen filled Mirai model in Japan in the course of just one month. This is a vast increase on what Toyota thought they were going to do as they only expected around 400 models to be ordered during this time. It has been revealed that well over half of these orders have come from corporate companies and the government in Japan.


The car will make its way to Britain in the Summer time this year but there is no telling just how well it will do sales wise here. A range of companies are taking a leap into the hydrogen fuel cell vehicle range with Hyundai introducing the ix35 and the Honda FCV currently being developed. This has been a great start for the Mirai without a doubt and now Toyota are announcing longer delivery times due to the overall demand for the car.


Nissan and NASA developing self driving technology

It is a division that a large range of manufacturers are trying their hand in now and Nissan are just the latest brand to state their intentions for new driverless technology. Mercedes revealed the 'Luxury in Motion' concept driverless vehicle at the Consumer Electronics Show last week and Audi had their A7 drive into the event all the way from California. News has today been revealed that Nissan have signed a deal with the NASA space association in order to help them develop all new autonomous vehicle technology. The deal has been signed as a five year research and development partnership which hopes to see driverless technology from Nissan become available on the road within the next few years. Both companies are looking to begin tests on a new self driving vehicle near the end of this year.


Hyundai aiming at a new market in 2015

Hyundai have quickly climbed through the ranks over the course of the last twelve months and today the company have stated their attentions to focus a range of new model additions in 2015 more towards their company car sector. Both i20 and i30 vehicles are all set to receive some new changes and a launch this year with these two vehicles seeing more of a focus on the company car sector for businesses too. The i40 is also another vehicle in the line of vision of Hyundai. The fleet director of the company here in Europe stated that “We are better placed than ever before to tackle a sector we have not properly targeted until now”.The new direction in which Hyundai are looking to take their vehicle division could prove to be a strong selling point for the Korean firm in 2015 and could help them to raise sales compared to that of the 2014 year.  

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