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The Alfa Romeo 4C Spider pays a visit to Detroit

Well the vehicle that was leaked online earlier ahead of its official debut, the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider has now received its grand debut in Detroit. Earlier images leaked online give us our first glimpse of the brand new sports car and its new design features. In even more exciting news though, the brand have now confirmed some specifics for the vehicle including the engine range to come along with the car and some of its overall performance rates that you can expect to get out of it. The sports model has been spied previously under camouflage but now the waiting is finally over and we have a good idea of what we are to receive from the new addition.


Exciting features of the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider

The big one here is of course the folding fabric roof making the new Spider a convertible model. Aero dynamics and agility has also been a key focus point for the Italian firm as they have made their best efforts to make the car lighter by making the glass used in the windscreen and windows thinner than that of the standard 4c. A set of Akrapovic exhaust pipes give you a good idea of how special this vehicle is as these are the pipes often used on the highest standard of motorcycle by default. Colours for the car have been questioned for a while now and the pictures leaked online only showed the car in Yellow. Alfa have now confirmed that the customer will be faced with seven colour options with the Yellow being one of them. A range of alloy wheel sizes and designs are available ranging from seventeen inches to nineteen inches and a fully leather interior makes the car feel more sporty than ever before.


Now for the even bigger stuff, the engine. Alfa have this afternoon confirmed that they are to fit a 1.75 litre engine that can allow the car to hit top speeds of 160 miles per hour in total. Power arrives in the form of 237bhp. The Coupe variant of the 4c has proven to be a good seller for its designs and power and we think that the 4C Spider could also prove to be too.


When will the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider be cruising our roads?

Today the company officially announced that the brand new 4C Spider will be available on the road from the Summer time with an exact date not announced as of yet. Although the price tag remains unconfirmed, around £52,000 could be expected to be announced closer to the time of launch.  

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