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The all new Renault Twingo five door model goes on sale

In some exciting news today for you Renault Twingo fans out there, we are pleased to report that the manufacturer has officially launched their brand new Twingo model which is being considered to be their third generation line up of the Twingo. This is the first time that the car has ever been offered in the form of a five door variant and is a joint project by the French firm and the Smart brand.


Although this new Twingo is slightly shorter than that of the model that has come before, it still benefits from some decent features that provide a steady share of power and features to keep you entertained. We first saw the Renault Twingo make its presence known around the world back in 1992 and it has proven to be a big hit since this time in the city car market. This all new variant of the car will come in the manner of a rear wheel drive variant and the co operation with the Smart firm includes the same platform for the car that was used in the Smart Forfour.


What can you expect from the third generation Renault Twingo?


Well the manufacturer has confirmed that only petrol engines will go on sale this time around with two options. The first is a three cylinder,1.0 litre Sce with your alternative choice being a three cylinder 0.9 litre, Tce engine. The top ranging 1.0 litre model will see a power development being produced of 89 brake horse power with a total top speed of 103 miles per hour being reached.


We see that this overall top speed limit is helped to reach its destination by the steady 10.8 seconds in which it takes the car to reach the 62 miles per hour area from a standing start. A standard five speed manual transmission system will also come along with both engine ranges for the new Twingo. With these combinations coming into play, we see the new Twingo as some top potential competition for that of the Toyota Aygo and some smaller city cars from the likes of German manufacturer Volkswagen with the UP model.


Standard equipment also comes along with the car though that could very well prove to be some key selling points for you as the customer. Some of these great pieces of kit come as standard with the new Twingo and we see that these include 15 inch alloy wheels, air conditioning as standard,stop start technology, a leather steering wheel, a DAB digital radio, remote central locking,a hill start assist system and a lane departure warning system also comes along for the journey.


How much has the new Renault Twingo gone on sale for?


We are firstly pleased to inform you that this all new Twingo model is on sale right and can be driven away from your local Renault dealership/showroom. Now in regards to how much you can expect this car to set you back, expect to make the purchase on a brand new version of the car for a total cost of £11,695.

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