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The evolution of the motor industry

In a very special post today, we are looking into the past history of cars and how successful they have been in every single country all around the world. In this day and age we continue to see a climb in the technology advancements that are being made across the automotive industry. For so many years we have all been familiar with the diesel and petrol engine options but over the years we have been hit with some huge advancements which include hybrid technology, all electric vehicles, solar powered cars right the way up to models that are currently being tested coming in the form of self driving, autonomous technology. There is no doubt about it that the car industry as we know it is changing right in front of our very eyes and it is exciting to think of the advancements that could be made well into the future.


Hybrid and all electric vehicles

One of the very first advancements in this sort of field was when Toyota first launched their Prius model. Which by the way is still going strong to this day. The first generation of this car was launched in 1997. Since the launch of this hybrid, we have seen nearly all manufactures throw their hat into the mix as far as hybrid drive train technology is concerned. Some of the best selling and most popular hybrid cars that come to mind include the likes of the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV,the BMW i3 and the Honda CRZ. Hybrid technology combines an electric motor and either a petrol or diesel engine which both work together in order to make a more economical driving experience, less pollution in the city and an overall top rated vehicle. Later after the success of hybrids were incorporated we see all electric vehicles arrive on the market. The Nissan Leaf, the Renault Zoe and the BMW i8 come to mind we think of the best additions to this particular sector. From this success for electric cars emerged a new brand known as Tesla Motors who are responsible for one of the best EV models, the Model S. This electric vehicle phenomenon opened up the doors for Tesla who are now ranked high up on the scale amongst the likes of Porsche and Audi who are manufacturers looking to top Tesla and their Model S to be more specific.


What happened after hybrid and electric vehicles?

So what happened next?. Well the latest chapter to be written, comes our way in the form of self driving technology. At this moment in time, self driving autonomous vehicles are a thing of the future as there are no self driving cars on public roads right now. They may not be too far off though if we take into consideration how quick electric and hybrid vehicles came into play. This year has seen some huge advancements in the future for this particular technology as at the Consumer Electronics Show we seen Audi bring a self driving A7 model to the big event after driving itself from California to Las Vegas. Volvo may very well be the closest to the production of this car technology though as recent reports have shown that they have been testing the new technology they have designed themselves with future goals of potentially launching a self driving model over the next five years.


Undoubtedly the rate of advancement in cars has been nothing short of amazing and we are extremely excited to see just what new technology can be brought to the mix years down the line.  

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