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Audi TTQ is a go-Tesla expansion-A new Mini entry level car

The CEO of Tesla Motors Elon Musk has spoken out on the future of his companies vehicle range. We all know that Tesla have a great reputation for offering some of the very best in electric vehicles. This has been demonstrated in a very large way by the introduction of the Model S which holds a firm place as one of the longest travelling vehicles from electric power alone. Tesla have seen that they add to the momentum they have right now by revealing new updates for their Roadster model also which will see it travel even further. Musk has spoken out though and has stated that over the course of the next nine to ten years, he hopes to have the company producing numbers in the millions area as far as new models on the road are concerned.


The company are looking to sell more Model S vehicles than anything at the moment and hit in at around the 30,000 area for new car sales with it last year. Will Tesla Motors grow at the rate Musk is hoping for though?. One of the big problems in the UK is the lack of charging stations around the country which could cause a problem for Tesla electric vehicles. It is expected however that more electric chargers will be offered in Britain over the course of the next few years but will they be enough to cope with the amount of production that Elon Musk plans for Tesla Motors?. Give us your thoughts on these new developments.


Audi's off road concept vehicle is given the green light

You may recall seeing Audi reveal a concept Sports Utility Vehicle in the past given the name of the Q4. Its future on the market was uncertain but thanks to the ever growing demand for SUV vehicles, the German company have confirmed that they have been given the green light to put the new model into production and have it go on sale during the 2017 year. That is not the only change in news though. The brand have changed the name of the car from the Q4 and it is now badged as the TTQ. The new model is designed to be ideal both on and off road. Information on the kind of power that the TTQ is quite scarce for the time being and with the car two years away there is still a lot left to learn about the new off roader. We are pleased to hear of this news and cant wait to see just what Audi have up their sleeve when it comes to the TTQ.


Mini developing a new entry level car?

Mini in 2011 revealed a new concept design vehicle known as the Rocketman although the future design of that car somewhat slipped off of the radar, there is now a chance that an all new model from the brand could debut in the future carrying some of the Rocketmans design features along with it. Take this as nothing more than speculation for the moment but news going around the car world is that the new model could be designed as a new entry level model for the company. Images reveal what the car could look like showing what is presumed to be a panoramic roof with some traditional Mini features also shown such as the oval shaped grille and beaming headlights. Mini have stated their intentions to introduce a total of five new vehicles into the future so there is some wonder there as to whether this Rocketman like designed vehicle is one of these cars.  

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