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Paris ban Uber app-Mercedes price increases-The new Audi A7

Audi have revealed that their brand new A7 model is all set to receive some brand new changes in hopes of making the car look more trendy and eye catching than ever before. The A7 has been a key selling vehicle for the company ever since the first model went on sale in 2010 and the design chief for Audi, Marc Lichte has said that the new model will be more stylish than the current vehicle on offer.


The brand new A7 is not set to go on sale until 2017 but design plans for the car have already been completed. An A7 Prologue concept model was shown to the world in Los Angeles earlier this year and some of its features will carry over to the new model although it is unknown as to which features they will be. Keep an eye out for the new model as Audi could begin development very soon.


The price of the new Mercedes CLA class for 2015 has risen

Mercedes have announced that their brand new CLA class model which sees its arrival next year has been upped in price on the US market. With the car launching here in the United Kingdom also we expect a price rise here too. The firm announced that in America the car would now sell from $32,425 which would translate to around £20,817 here in Britain. There are many ranges of CLA and all of them have been affected by an increase in price. Standard pieces of equipment remain the same as the previous CLA with the engine range carried over but receiving some mild tweaks.


The turbocharged two litre unit carries over but thanks to a new inline engine, we see power output rise to 355 bhp. C Class models from the firm are also set to be upped in cost too. This news has been announced for the US market so we would expect that the same will come to the UK sometime soon. As soon as we hear any more on the matter we will keep you posted.


Paris ban the Uber app

The country of France have been having their say on technology within the car industry as of late by announcing that they are to ban diesel engines completely in the future. They are back in the news today however for the banning of the popular Uber app which works as a transportation service and can be used for calling taxis and other services. The Uber company are located in San Francisco and have their service offered in various countries all around the world. The banning of the system will come into affect from the beginning of 2015 meaning customers only have a few days left to use the service. Uber have not commented on the news as of yet but taxi drivers in Paris demonstrated their frustration of the news by having hundreds of drivers block the roads of Paris earlier this week. Taxi drivers in Paris have said that this is an act of unfair business practices.   

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