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The Future for Vauxhall

Future Vauxhall Plans


Vauxhall are hoping to break even by 2016. General Motors pulling Chevrolet out of Europe has helped to put Vauxhall on course to make a profit by 2016. GM is taking a rather new approach in how it sells vehicles in Europe once Chevrolet pulls out and Vauxhall is then on course to turn a profit again by 2016.


In 2014, the company, which has struggled with image problems in mainland Europe managed to cut it's operating losses by 60% and also managed to maintain market share with popular models like the Mokka and the Adam.


Vauxhall are set to release a new Adam Rocks and an Adam S in the next 12 months whilst restyling the next generation of Vauxhall Astra models. The new 1.0 litre engine at Vauxhall is set to take the UK Car Market by storm. Rivals Ford have dominated the UK Car Market with the small 1.0 litre Eco Sport engine fitted on the likes of the Fiesta and Focus.


CEO for Vauxhall and Opel Thomas Neumann recently said that this was an important milestone for the brand on it's road to recovery. He said that the company has lost market share for far too long. Winning is a habit but losing is as well, so this year for the first time, the company was able to change that. With the new models and the engines that the brand have coming, the company aims to be the second largest brand in Europe.


Part of Vauxhall's increase in sales will be coming from customers of Chevrolet, though Neumann has said that some customers were a little too price sensitive to switch over straight away, though convincing dealers to stick with the company would definitely be vital. He also confirmed that Cadillac would be making a return gradually to Europe, though their premium position means that there wouldn't be any competition with Vauxhall models.

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