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The future is hydrogen?

Today we are focusing on the new hydrogen fuel cell vehicles that are going on sale in the future and already have. News first broke on hydrogen filled cars just last year when we were treated to the news of new additions from Honda, Toyota and Hyundai. Honda have recently spoken about their upcoming hydrogen FCV which is still in development phase. Hyundai have already made a limited number of deliveries on their ix35 model and the Toyota Mirai has gone on sale in Japan and received a large number of orders already.


But are hydrogen fuelled vehicles really the future of the automotive industry? Well there are many that could say hybrid vehicles or all electric models are, or petrol and diesel could continue their dominance. In our opinion there is room for all varieties of these vehicles and depending on your preference could be what separates the vehicles apart. In our post today though we take a look into two of the biggest hydrogen vehicles to make a name for themselves by being two of the first delivered onto the road, the Toyota Mirai and the Hyundai ix35.


The Toyota Mirai takes large orders in Japan

Toyota will be set to offer their all new Mirai vehicle on our roads here in Europe during the Summer time of this year but the car has already opened up for orders in Japan to a great reception. Before the car was put on sale, Toyota believed that they would accumulate around 400 orders for the vehicle but they would later find out this was not the case. The actual figure of orders put in in the brands home country has been calculated at 1,500 as recently as last night. The brand will make history by being the first car company to offer such a vehicle. Around 5kg of hydrogen gas will be carried by the vehicles tanks and power will come in the form of 153bhp. The car will travel for a range of 300 miles from a full tank and is capable of reaching top speeds of 111 miles per hour. Given that the Mirai will be the first FCV to be offered to customers, it could give the firm that head start that they are looking for when it comes to car sales and with it being available first across a range of countries globally, it could see Toyota global sales by the end of 2015 skyrocket.


Hyundai ix35 the next big thing

News broke in 2014 that Hyundai had delivered a limited amount of their hydrogen filled vehicle to some business customers in Britain. The brand are looking to develop around 10,000 units of the car throughout 2015 with the vehicle to go on sale a little later on into the course of 2015. Comparing the car now to the Mirai,Hyundai have stated that 350 miles is the total travelling distance made achievable by a full tank of hydrogen. Which would see it beat the Mirai by fifty miles however, the car can reach 101 miles per hour just 10mph behind Toyota's model.


The vehicle is somewhat slightly smaller and a little more compact than that of the Mirai but it remains unclear for now as to which model will gain the upper hand on the market. What do you think? When both the Mirai and IX35 go on official sale which vehicle would you consider buying?.


A Blue Hyundai ix35

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