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The Infiniti QX30 is spied undergoing testing

The Infiniti brand are one of the biggest talking points in the automotive industry at this moment in time as the company who are also owned by the Nissan brand are all set to launch their brand new QX30 model onto our roads in 2016. The news we have for you today though is that the vehicle has recently been seen undergoing testing on public roads ahead of its launch with some new information taking light on the vehicle.


This QX30 model will be an addition to the firms SUV range which will join an ever evolving sector in the car market. The vehicle is set to bring the fight to other top manufacturers on the market such as BMW with the X1 but what more can we expect from the vehicle that will put it high up in the ranks against some tough competition around the world?


What is known about the new Infiniti QX30?

So regarding what new features are expected to be introduced with the vehicle when it launches in two years time, the exterior of the car was heavily disguised as expected but there is some information currently making the rounds regarding an engine line up that will come along with the vehicle. A range of both turbocharged petrol and diesel engines are expected to come along with the vehicle from the time of launch. These are expected to be finely tuned versions of the same four cylinder units found in some Mercedes models on the market. A front wheel drive platform will also come fitted to the car. Although an all wheel drive platform has been stated to be an optional extra with the QX30. It is also believed that the recently revised Q3 model from Audi will also be affected when it comes to fighting it out for the top spot in the SUV division.


Comments of the Infiniti QX30

The head of sales for Infiniti Francois Goupil de Bouille has commented on the new QX30 by saying “We expect to sell around 60,000 of the two models in the first full year,with 30,000 sold in Europe”. There is currently no word as of yet regarding an exact date of launch for the vehicle in 2016 or what purchase price will come along with this new SUV addition. We do expect the vehicle to be a good seller for Infiniti though but will it beat other contenders such as the X5 and X6 from BMW and the Nissan Qashqai to the top of the rankings though?

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