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The Jaguar C-X17 is spotted out and about testing

In some of the latest vehicle industry news today to make its way out of the British iconic car firm known as Jaguar, we are pleased to report on one of the upcoming vehicle releases from the brand which is all set to launch here in the UK and around other parts of the world too and comes your way in the form of the C-X17 SUV model.


Over the past few days the vehicle has been spotted out and about during its first phase of testing under heavy camouflage but from what we know about the car so far, we do believe that this model could very well prove to be one of the finest sellers in the brands history. The mass manufacturer has always proven to be one of the finest car makers in the world and we have seen this time and time over with sports style models right the way to family vehicles and, we have a strong feeling that this all new SUV addition to the range will very well prove to be no exception.


What we know so far about the Jaguar C-X17

The company owners are still keeping a lot under lock and key at the moment regarding some features of the car and what we can expect however,it is heavily rumored that with the investment into one of these SUV models you can expect to receive engine ranges from 2.0 litre,four cylinder models in both the petrol and diesel variety and could very well be turbos that will sit under the 'ingenium family' range. It is expected that the car will have an aliminium platform majorly like the XE model too.


Although nothing has been confirmed as of yet from the brand directly from the images that have been posted online of the vehicle testing it looks to be disguised under a stretched version of the Range Rover Evoque model and in terms of the front end of the car it shares the same design as the prototype of the vehicle that was revealed to the general public and media alike at last years Frankfurt motor show.


Nothing more is known at this time but, we do expect to hear more on the situation over the course of the next year,with a possibility of the vehicle being debuted at the Paris motor show later this year.We do believe though that after more information is revealed, this model could be a high potential rival for other SUV brands out there such as BMW with the X4 and Nissan with the Qashqai.


Launch time rumors on the Jaguar C-X17


Sadly nothing has been stated so far regarding a price tag that is all set to come along with the C-X17 but, it is expected that you will be able to make the purchase on a brand new C-X17 model from Jaguar from showrooms located around the UK and other parts of the world from sometime in 2016 six months after the official release of the XE model from the mass manufacturer. As soon as we hear more on the matter we will keep you updated.

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