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The latest in Nissan Shortfall news

The 'Sway' concept vehicle from Nissan first went on display from the Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland and even before the cars grand reveal, speculation was making the rounds that this new model could be a nod towards the future of the brands Micra range. Now though the stories are looking truer than ever. The firm have said that they will be bringing a new styling design and structure to their next range and that is exactly what the 'Sway' points to. The same kind of design can be found on the firms Murano model and the company have noted that they are bringing fresh ideas to their compact segment which the Micra headlines. A new addition to the Micra family is planned to go on sale from next year and right now would be the perfect time to start showing off some new features. What do you think?. Is this the brand new Micra?. Let us know your thoughts.


Are we quite some time away from the Nissan Blade glider?

The Blade Glider is an unusual vehicle that is currently in the works from Nissan. It is unlike any vehicle that we have ever seen before as it is an electric three seater sports vehicle. When you think of the name Blade Glider, we think of long sloping body work thin in width and that is exactly what the company deliver on with this particular model. The last we seen of the concept design was two years ago in Tokyo. It has been said today though that the Blade Glider is not at the top of the list of priorities with the company as they are more focused on up coming models and their current range on the road. The original time of launch was looking to be in 2017 but it appears that this may not be the case as of right now. Philippe Klein who is the leading design chief for the company has said that the car is still in the works and is still to be launched but their man focus is on current models right now. With that being said, it is possible that we may now be looking further past 2017 for a launch for the new Blade Glider.


Is the Qashqai to receive Nismo and electric versions?

It is undoubtedly one of the biggest and best selling vehicles that the Nissan brand has ever produced. The Qashqai is a car that has changed the face of the SUV industry and has urged other manufacturers to step up their vehicle range over the past number of years. As if the car wasn't exciting enough, there is now a chance that somewhere along the lines in the future,the car could be receiving some electronic and Nismo treatment. This news has not been set in stone but it certainly is a possibility according to Guillaume Cartier sales and marketing vice president. He said that with the Juke and the 370Z receiving Nismo treatment this could very well be the link to the Qashqai also.


An all electric Qashqai was also discussed by Trevor Mann who is the chief performance officer of the company. He did not confirm the news of an all electric Qashqai but he did state that they do have the technology to do it which could therefore open up the doors to a potential model going into production further down the line. This is certainly some exciting news from Nissan regarding one of their best selling vehicles and we are looking forward to seeing just what Nissan can do with their range in the future.  

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