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The Mercedes C220 Bluetec Estate has arrived

In some of the latest vehicle release news today to make its way out of the German manufacturing company known as Mercedes, we are pleased to deliver on the great news that a brand new Estate version of the C220 Bluetec has officially arrived on the streets of the United Kingdom and across other parts of the world also. The Bluetec range for Mercedes has proven to be an all round great success over the years and the main feature of Bluetec ranges is to reduce vehicle emissions and provide you as the driver with an all round smoother driving experience than ever before.


The mass manufacturer has achieved much success over the years with Bluetec models and this all new addition of the C220 Bluetec estate could very well prove to add much more success for the mass manufacturer. Estate vehicles are becoming more and more popular as the years go by and with this brand new addition from the Mercedes brand we can see them becoming more popular than ever before.


What can you expect to find in your brand new C220 Bluetec Estate?


So regarding some of the brand new features that you can expect to find in this brand new vehicle addition from the manufacturer, we are pleased to deliver on some more good news that extra pieces of equipment and technology come along with the vehicle and you can also expect to receive a decent power output from the car also.


So regarding the engine and what you can expect the car to achieve on the roads, we see that Mercedes have included the fitting of a 2.1 litre, four cylinder turbo diesel engine which combined with the seven speed automatic transmission system sees the car deliver on a power output of 168 bhp. The C220 Bluetec estate also sees a development of 400NM of Torque too. A total top speed of 147mph can be achieved thanks to the Bluetec engine used and the sprint from a standing start to 60 miles per hour is reached in a good time of seven seconds flat. This vehicle is also only made available as a rear wheel drive variation.


A built in sat nav system,17 inch wheels and a decent amount of interior space as far as leg and head room is concerned also comes along with the vehicle that could very well prove to be a top source of competition going head to head with the likes of the Q5 from rival brand Audi and the Range Rover Evoque.


How much will a brand new Mercedes C220 Bluetec estate cost?


The C220 Bluetec estate is available to drive away from selected Mercedes dealerships right now here in the United Kingdom and across other markets around the world too. In regards to how much you can expect this car to set you back brand new, we are pleased to deliver on the good news that a price tag of £34,060 comes along with the car. 

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