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The new Audi RS3 Sportback is revealed

Audi have confirmed that the order books on the brand new RS3 Sportback will open later on this month and the new model has been officially revealed this week under the bright lights of the Geneva Motor Show. Alongside the reveal of the car, we have learnt more about the specifications to come along with the vehicle and we have also had the price tag to come along with the car confirmed also. The RS3 is a different variant of the companies A3 line up that was first produced in 1996. The RS3 Sportback took the new A3 range to the next level and the firm are looking to do it once again with this new addition. The car was looking wonderful as it was revealed underneath the bright lights in Geneva. A bright Red colour scheme joined alongside by chrome inserts across the front bumper and we also see the same front grille carry over which has proven to be an eye catcher for Audi fans for many years.


Bigger changes made to the RS3 Sportback

So regarding the even bigger changes that have been brought into play with the new model, we see that power for the car has been updated. The same engine from the previous model which was a 2.5 litre, turbocharged engine has been carried over to the new model but the only difference is that this time thanks to some fine tuning, the engine delivers on 362 brake horse power. 155 miles per hour is the speed you are limited to but you can also opt for a version that gives out 174 mph. Much like before, the RS3 is running on the same all wheel drive Quattro platform and we also find a seven speed, S Tronic transmission system paired up to the engine 189g/km of C02 emissions are now the result from this updated engine. The brand have confirmed two colour options for the new car which come in the aforementioned Red and you can also opt into a Grey design. Bucket seats are found inside of the car carrying light carbon fibre material. Leather seats are also included as you may have expected and the company have stitched in the RS logo around the cabin.


How does the price match with competition?

So firstly the main competitors to go head to head with the new RS3 will consist of the new Focus RS model from Ford and the A45 AMG from Mercedes Benz. £39,950 has been confirmed to be the purchase price for the new model. This is expected to be slightly higher compared to what its competition are going to be offered for but with some features such as the familiar Quattro all wheel drive platform and the sheer lightweight and comfort of the car, it could still prove to be a key rival for its big rivals.  

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