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A much more powerful Mercedes A45 AMG to arrive?

At the motor show in Los Angeles this week, the Mercedes brand have confirmed that they are taking into consideration producing a new lighter and much more powerful version of their popular A45 AMG model. The vehicle would not be under the name of the A45 AMG though and would not be likely to arrive in the road for at least another four to five years if it is to be produced.


The vehicle is just an idea that the firm have at this moment in time with no features or specifications worked on as of yet. A statement was however issued from the company who stated an engine source of which could come into potential use for the new model which is expected to be much more aggressive and dynamic than ever before.


What did Mercedes have to say on the matter?


Well Mercedes Benz are doing a very good job of keeping up with some to class competitors on the market such as Audi and German firm BMW. Both of these companies are on display at the event this month and have already delivered on the new Audi R8 Competition model and the X5 and X6M range. So what future vehicle development from Mercedes could help to maintain this battle against the top brands from around the world.


Well in an official comment from Tobias Moers who is the boss of the AMG company, he stated that a new vehicle would not be marketed under the name of the Black series which can be found on vehicles such as the SLS AMG and the C Class Coupe. He said that this name is reserved for just two door models which therefore hints at the fact this new model is very much likely to be a four door. A finely tuned version of the two litre turbocharged engine currently found in the A45 AMG could potentially work its way over to the new model being discussed, with Moers stating that there is a more powerful version of this engine to come.


A new model to carry Mercedes into the future?

As we stated earlier, if this vehicle being discussed right now is to be revealed in the future, there is a good chance that we will not see anything of the car for around another four years if not longer. The vehicle is reportedly under consideration from the firm and would not be released until the end of the current A class series lifecycle due to a lack of staff to focus on all areas of the range. Keep an eye out in the future for a potential news story on this model.