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The new BMW 7 series going on sale next year

BMW will next year launch their brand new 7 Series model onto the road. The car has been very much anticipated over the course of the past year ever since we learnt about the new model in 2014. The brand are looking to take the car to the next level by introducing a range of changes including a high performance M Sports version of the car in the future. One of the other big focal points of the car has also been weight reduction which will be achieved by using an aluminium body structure. Granted aluminium at times can be more prone to scratch and dent issues but for the reduction in weight, this means that the vehicle will be much more quicker and agile when on the road. Both magnesium and carbon fibre have also been used in the bodywork to achieve more agility and a bigger performance.


What other features should you keep a look out for?

So beginning with the changes made to the updated model, power is very much a topic on every-bodies mind for the new 7 Series. Both petrol and diesel engines have been confirmed to be choices with the updated model all of which will be turbocharged units. Four, six, eight and twelve cylinder engines will all be included. Each BMW tyre on the car can be driven in either rear wheel or a four wheel drive setup depending on the customers preference. A V8 four litre engine and a V12 six litre setup will also be offered as two new additions. Both two and three litre turbocharged diesel engines will also be up for grabs. Twenty inch alloy wheels have also been included this time around.


What's the plan going forward for the BMW 7 Series?

The latest we have seen of the new 7 Series was earlier last month when it was spied winter testing in Sweden. The car was still heavily under wraps at that time but we know to expect laser light technology for the car which was seen from the images posted. There are also reports in which suggest that a plug in hybrid variant of the car will also be up for grabs during the cars lifecycle. We are very much looking forward to the 2016 7 Series and seeing what it will have on offer when it comes up against some big rivals including the Audi A8.  

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