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The new Lexus NX arriving next March

It has been confirmed directly by the luxury division of the Toyota brand Lexus that their brand new NX model will officially arrive on our roads here in the UK and across other various countries world wide from March of next year. This brand new SUV model from the firm which is also labeled as the NXT is much anticipated around the world and all for good reason.


The SUV market has been a sector of the car industry which has rapidly developed over the past number of years with big hitters such as the Qashqai and the X3 from BMW being two of the biggest sellers on the market. How have Lexus challenged these contenders with the NX though? Well the car is large and spacious but the 't' in the name stands for turbo. That's right, you can expect a powerful driving experience too.


What other changes take their place of pride in the Lexus NX?

We will firstly begin our look into the new NX with a view on the power source which enables the NX to come in strong on the market. We see that only one engine unit will be made available with the NX next year and it will consist of a 2.0 litre,four cylinder turbo unit. A six speed,automatic transmission is also a key feature with this new SUV. If you take the engine and transmission system into play, a total horse power development of 235bhp is the ending result from the NX. 350NM of torque is also shared amongst the front wheels although buyers are also faced with the option of an all wheel drive platform. A 124 miles per hour speed limit is achieved by the NX which is progressed to by a 7.1 second climb to the 62mph zone from a standstill.


As far as the interior of the new NX goes, we see that the firm have included the fittings of aluminium pedals, a brand new 6.2 inch infotainment system and a brand new wireless charger for smart phones is also a good new feature in our opinion.


How much are Lexus to put the new NX model on sale for?

It has been confirmed by the Lexus firm that the brand new NX will go on sale from the month of March next year. A price tag for the NX remains unconfirmed at this moment in time but expect a purchase price of around £35,000 for your brand new NX next year.  

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