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The new Mercedes AMG C 63 will arrive next year

The Mercedes brand who are famous for the C class and S Class additions, have announced that an all new AMG C 63 model will be all set to arrive on our roads officially from next year. With order books opening up for the vehicle from next month, the AMG C63 has had the majority of its new details officially confirmed by the brand directly.


The vehicle receives all of those great benefits that Mercedes like to offer in their vehicles. Everything from good all round power and performance rates have been announced and even features regarding the interior of the car and a more aimed focus on comfort and luxury too. Mercedes line up of AMG models is prestigious in the industry and we have seen the manufacturer deliver on some great selling units over the years. What can we expect from the brand new C 63 though and why is it worth you thinking about making the purchase on one?


Mercedes AMG C63 specifications

The engine range that will come included with the C 63 comes to us from the big selling AMG GT model from the same company which has proven to be a key player when challenging other rivals such as the German firm Audi amongst others and we see this come in the shape and form of a 4.0 litre,V8 twin turbo unit. A power deliverance of 469 brake horse power will also be produced thanks to the engine choice whereas if you opt for the upgraded version of the car, power is increased by 34bhp to bring out an output of 503bhp.


Sprint times in which the Mercedes car can jump from 0 to 62 miles per hour is achieved in the standard entry level model in just 4.1 seconds where as the S addition can do it in four. A saloon variant of the C 63 which will be launched will also see the sprint made in 4.5 seconds. Alterations have also been made to this AMG vehicle which help to enhance a better driving experience and passenger experience. We see that during production time, Mercedes have gone to work on developing larger brakes,adjusted springs and dampers and stiff anti roll bars also have a key role to play this time.


That comfort aspect of the vehicle could also prove to be one of the main factors for the success of the vehicle in the future. We see fully leather inserts have made the cut this time around and so has a flat bottomed steering wheel.


The Mercedes AMG C63 price

The saloon version of the car will be the very first model to go on sale with the estate variant set to arrive a couple of months later. The saloon will be made available on the road from early on into the 2015 year with the order books set to open up just next month. As far as a price tag goes for the Mercedes AMG C63, it is expected that a price somewhere around the £60,000 figure will be revealed.  

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