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The Peugeot 208 GTI 30th anniversary model goes on sale today

We are excited about a brand new vehicle that has officially gone on sale here in the United Kingdom today which has been produced to celebrate thirty years of the 208 model from French brand Peugeot. The model features all new styling and design structure and a brand new engine fitted to the car also. The 208 is one of if not the most loved vehicle that has ever been put on sale by Peugeot.


The very first generation of the car was introduced to the world in 2011 and has proven to be a key seller since this time. The 30th anniversary celebration is however carried from the original 205 model and celebrates thirty years of the 20 line up from the brand. The original 205 model was produced from 1983 until 1998 and a total of 5.3 million versions of the car were produced throughout this time. This is a huge milestone in itself but not compared to the overall success that the range has achieved until now.


What features of the 208 GTI 30th year anniversary are worth thinking about?

This special edition version of the car is definitely power orientated and this is certainly demonstrated by the fitting of the brand new 1.6 litre,THP engine that comes along with the vehicle. A total of 205bhp is produced from the car and a Torque deliverance of 221 is also a key noteworthy feature. A six speed manual transmission system will also come along with the vehicle as standard. With this new engine taking its place in the 208, Peugeot have directly confirmed that the sprint from a standing start to the 62 miles per hour area will be achieved by the vehicle in a total of 6.5 seconds.


All new parts and technical tuning has also been made to the car which sees the suspension system of this 208 GTI model altered by a 10mm lowering. The vehicle is also higher and wider than the past addition to the range. Some of the new features of the car which could prove to be key selling points from today onwards include alloy wheels,dual chrome exhausts and a brand new traction control system. Brand new special edition floor mats and Alcantara racing seats will also bring help the car bring the fight to other sports models on the market like the Corsa VXR from the Vauxhall brand and The Renaultsport Megane from rival French firm.


When will the first set of deliveries of the 208 GTI arrive?

The order books have officially opened up for the car as of today and a first set of deliveries is expected to arrive this coming November. The purchase price for the car stands at £21,995 but you will have to get in quick as only 100 units of the car are to be sold on British soil.    

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