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The Peugeot 308 GTI-Fiat's next 500-A new Skoda suv in the works

Images have been circulating this week which show a test model from Czech firm Skoda testing under the form of a mid sized suv model which is expected to go on sale from next year. The car was spotted on public roads wearing the body disguise of a Yeti model but this was to hide some of the new features that the brand are bringing along with the new model. Information for the new car however is very slim at the moment as Skoda refuse to comment on the vehicle yet and it is also reported that the brand have not even given the new car a name as of yet. The only thing confirmed for the car is that it will run on the MQB platform which is famous for being used in Volkswagen models. Both five and seven seater variations of the car are also expected to be offered from launch. This new suv is believed to be making its way to the market from next year.


Want to know more about the next Fiat 500?

The 500 model range from Italian's Fiat is one of the most recognised and memorable vehicles to ever be launched onto the car market around the world and remains just as popular today as it was when the range was first offered in 1957. Fiat will now take the next step with their range with the 2016 updated model which we though we would have to wait to hear more about. However this is not the case. A document which has been leaked reveals what new changes the next 500 model will benefit from. Both front and back bumpers have been confirmed in the document to receive adjustments and new LED lighting technology both at the front and back will also come along with the new model. The car will also be offered in fifteen or sixteen inch wheel sizes much similar to before but the difference will be the designs that are offered.


The document also revealed that inside of the car would be seeing an all new dashboard and with new materials used for the upholstery. A new design for the steering wheel will also be on the agenda. A brand new infotainment technology setup will also be featured for the new 500. A release date of the 11th of July this year has also been reported.


The Peugeot 308GTI making its way to Goodwood

It is the festival of speed and with that being said, the Goodwood festival is always crammed with some of the hottest and performance based vehicles available on the market. The next brand to take their place at the festival though will be Peugeot who will be bringing along their new 308GTI to the big event. Alongside this, they will also reveal the R Hybrid version of the same car. Peugeot confirmed the hybrid model to be coming to the event but did not with the GTI. They did reference a high powered car though and this is the model we are expecting to see. All of the cars power is expected to be shown off at the event with the car giving out 266 brake horse power all from the fitting of a turbocharged 1.6 litre engine under the bonnet. The new 308 GTI could be the French brands answer to the new Honda Civic Type R.  

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