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The Porsche 'GT5'-Takata recalls climb-the next Mitsubishi Shogun

Over the past twenty four hours it has become official that the Takata air bag recall is officially the largest recall that the automotive industry has ever seen. In total now we can confirm that the count of recalled vehicles all around the world has now risen to 33.8 million vehicles. The recalling of vehicles due to exploding air bags which have resulted in serious injury and even deaths has been on going for a number of years and has effected a lot of car companies including Nissan,Lexus and Honda just to name a few. Over one hundred injuries due to the airbag fault have been reported and the problem has also been linked to six fatalities.


As the weeks have gone by, the count has certainly increased. Only countries with high humidities were affected to begin with but now we have seen the recall affect other parts of the world with right here in the United Kingdom also being affected recently with Toyota and Nissan vehicle recalls. Both driver and passenger air bags have been known to explode in driver and passenger faces. The issue also led to the head of Takata stepping down from his position a number of months ago. There is no telling to what extent the count of recalled vehicles is going to rise over the coming months but it is said that the manufacturers have a clearer view of the problems with the airbags and can provide a suitable fix.


The Porsche GT5..what is it all about?

Reports are suggesting that German sports car designer Porsche have officially trademarked the name 'GT5'. It is safe to say that this has led to a lot of speculation from fans world wide about just what the new badge is going to be used on further down the line. Porsche have refused to comment on the recent trademark but some speculation suggests that it could very well be used in the future on an suv model but again, this has not been confirmed. Not much more can be said on the 'GT5' and just what exactly it is but as soon as any information is revealed we will have you covered here at Shortfall.


The upcoming Mitsubishi Shogun

We know that the brand new Shogun model from Mitsubishi will officially go on sale from the year 2017 and this week, the bosses over at the brand have confirmed a little more information about the forthcoming vehicle. The first big piece of news is that the car will definitely offer plug in hybrid technology running under the PHEV badge which have proven to be successful selling vehicles for the brand in the past and even today. The other area of focus for the developers has also been that off roading will continue to be a main feature of the car. Mitsubishi did not comment on the engine selection that would come along with the car so for the moment, we are still none the wise on what kind of power the electric motor is going to be paired up to. The Shogun is proving to be a key seller for the firm though as sales have risen on the car by sixty six percent it has been revealed. The new Shogun could very well have the ability to see sales climb even further for the Japanese firm and it could very well be the best addition into the family yet. Keep an eye out for the new model in dealerships in two years time.   

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