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Takata air bag recalls expand and Toyota recall Avalon and Camry models

The big news story making the headlines in the auto industry over the past number of months has been due to the fault with Takata air bags across a range of eleven brands located around the world. The problems have resulted in shrapnel being fired from the air bag into the face of drivers which has caused deaths and injuries.


One of the companies that have been affected by this problem the most is Honda who have already recalled thousands of vehicles in the United States alone. The latest update on Honda with the recalls is that they have now issued recalls on a further 100,000 vehicles in European areas. The Stream, Fit and the Civic hybrid are just three of the more popular vehicles that are to be affected by these European additions. The controversy however is surrounding the Takata company who are refusing to take responsibility for these faults. This has led to a meeting this week between car manufacturers in America were they will discuss the issue further.


Mazda add 52,000 recalls in Japan

Mazda are the next company to further contribute to Takata air bag recalls with the latest batch for the firm being focused in their home country of Japan. 52,000 further vehicles have been recalled in the country which include some of the most popular Mazda vehicles on sale including the RX-8 with models which have been produced between 2004 and 2008. This added recall in Japan follows a move in which the company did the same over in the United States and driver side air bags are affected by this latest batch of recalled models. With the recalls continuing to grow, will other countries be affected too?. As soon as any more information is revealed on these recalls, we will keep you updated.


Toyota issue recalls on both Camry and Avalon models

Toyota have announced just yesterday that they are to recall both Avalon and Camry models due to a problem with the suspension system on both vehicles. A recall announcement of over 5.000 units has been issued. The problem with the suspension on these vehicles is that the lower arm of the front suspension system could separate itself from the joint holding it in place potentially leading to an accident. The recalls affect models in the United States but if you have had one imported in the UK then it is worth checking the status of your car. If you believe you may be affected by the recall, Toyota have stated that you should contact their customer services department for more information.  

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