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The quickest Qashqai model now no more!

Nissan and the Qashqai have proven their dominance on the SUV market world wide over the most recent number of years. The vehicle has certainly proven to be one of the biggest selling models made available from the Nissan brand in many years. Since the original introduction of the Qashqai back in 2007, the vehicle has had many variants go on sale to the general public.


Models such as the diesel variant and the Tekna. Nothing like this particular model though. This brand new variant of the car is so special that only two units have been made. Yes you read that right just two!. This model is quicker than ever with a huge power output like no other. For this particular model, Nissan teamed up with Severn Valley Motorsport to design the car and some of it' specialised components. So what are we waiting for? Lets get into the details.


What is the Qashqai R cross over like power wise?

The simple answer to that is.. like no other. The vehicle is being known as the Qashqai R crossover and benefits from a more narrow body design than previous insertions to the range. Now the good stuff. An absolutely huge power output of 1.150bhp is produced from the 4.1 litre, V6,Twin turbo engine. It is capable of doing over 210 miles per hour and this is helped along by a super fast 0 to 62 miles per hour sprint time of 2.7 seconds. A six speed,twin clutch,automatic transmission system comes along with this particular addition to the line up and the Qashqai R is a four wheel drive. Standard vehicle wise there is nothing on the market right now that could possibly beat these rates. So we would look into the specialised territory for rivals here such as Porsche and Jaguar amongst other high up brands from around the world.


How much are the two Nissan Qashqai R models selling for?

Well with such a high standard of power and a super fast vehicle, it is safe to say that a high price tag has to justify the power. We see the price tag come in at a rather large cost of £275,000. As for the two models that are on this planet right now..nothing has been confirmed as of yet but we do believe that these two models have a high possibility of being sold by now.  

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