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The Renault Captur crossover

In our daily car review today, we check out a mini crossover model from the Renault brand under the name of the Captur, you may have heard of it?. It is one of the most exciting crossover vehicles on the market. First shown in concept form back in 2011, it was brought to the roads here in Europe just two years later. The Captur is renown for offering some good choices when it comes to the engine range and it is a vehicle that has managed to hold its own even with the increase of crossover model becoming available for this day and age. It has stood tall amongst the likes of the Mokka from Vauxhall and the 2008 from Peugeot but how has it managed to do this and what are the special abilities and attributes that this particular model carries?.


What you can expect to find inside of a Renault Captur

So with us mentioning the engine range for the car earlier on that is where we will begin with our look into the specifications. The company offer this crossover with a choice of three engines in total with two petrols and the one diesel up for the taking. Three cylinder engines are choice when it comes to petrol units but they both deliver different power. The first sees 89 brake horse power delivered but your alternative gives out 119bhp. However if you are more of a diesel fan, you can expect to find a 1.5 litre setup giving out 89 brake horse power much like the entry level petrol. By the end of the 2013 year, the Captur was the best selling crossover model on the European market and with some of the equipment offered with the car it was not hard to see why. A touch screen sat nav is offered with higher trim levels,USB and Bluetooth connectivity is also offered with the car. Some of the standard kit across the board though includes a keyless entry system,Hill start assistance and electric windows. Higher trim levels are also treated to parking sensors and the firms R Link technology.


Is the car worth the price?

So even as a standard entry level model, the Captur is still one of the most exciting crossover modes that the automotive industry has to offer. In terms of value for money, the Captur begins at £14,195 for the entry level Expression+ model. In terms of the top ten, the Captur would definitely make it into our crossover list.  

The Renault Captur

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