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The Peugeot 2008 taking the crossover world by storm?

When you think of crossover vehicles some of the biggest that come to our minds are the Nissan Juke,Qashqai and the Suzuki SX4. In our car review post today however, we focusing our attention of the 2008 which was introduced by French car firm Peugeot in 2013 . The 2008 is the brands latest addition into the crossover segment and is proving to be a popular by for many customers all around the world. In our post today, we are looking at why the car has proven to be a popular choice for many and what kind of value for money ranging from engines and added equipment that the crossover model can offer you. This model was first brought in as a direct replacement for the former 207 SW model and as you would expect, it does share of the same similarities that the standard 208 hatchback carries. Out of the 78,900 models that were produced in 2013, the brand managed to sell 74,500 of these models in the same year proving its success on the market.


Why has the 2008 crossover become so popular?

Well firstly we see that the 2008 is offered with a total of six different trim levels which range from the entry level Access+ model right the way up to the range topping 'Feline Mistral' model. In total we see that matching up with the six trims are a choice of multiple different engines. A 1.2 Vti,1.4 Hdi,1.6 Vti,1.6 E Hdi and a 1.6 E Hdi EGC are all up for grabs. Entry level models begin at 99 miles per hour where as range topping models can reach 122 miles per hour. Peugeot have also been very generous as far as added equipment is concerned also. They offer entry level Access+ models with some good kit such as LED daytime running lighting,cruise control and electric windows. If you opt for the next level up which is the Active you can expect to find more kit carrying a DAB digital radio, leather steering wheel,a new infotainment system and sixteen inch alloy wheels. Moving higher up the range of trim levels and we see the equipment get better as we go along by throwing in some nice additions like an Alcantara leather cabin,automatic headlights and windscreen wipers and the alloy wheels also continue to grow in size too.


How much does the Peugeot 208 crossover range cost?

Prices for the Peugeot 2008 get underway from £13,195 for the Access+ model. Venture further up the line of trims and we see the Active range available from £14,295. £15,595 for the Allure, the Crossway at £16,245,the Feline Calima from £18,150 and finally we have the range topping Feline Mistral which can be purchased from a cost of £18,450. So with these prices being take into consideration, we see that the 2008 crossover certainly offers you some great value for money and with the range topper coming in from just over the £18,000 area carrying all of the added equipment, the 2008 crossover could be a driving experience you never want to let go of.  

The Peugeot 2008 Crossover