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The revised Ford C Max arriving this Spring time

It was in 2003 that Ford debuted their first ever C Max model coming in the form of a multi purpose vehicle to the world with its sibling the S Max arriving three years later. Over the course of the past twelve years there have been two generations of the car go on sale with the latest arriving in 2010. This year though is set to be a good one for the C Max as Ford announce that they are to bring a range of new updates and revisions to the new model which will go on sale from the Spring time of this year. The brand have focused heavily on in car technology,safety and both interior and exterior design with the new model and today we are to have a look into the host of new changes that can be found on the new C Max when it goes on sale and what kind of value you can expect to receive for your money with the new model.


What new specifications come added to the C Max?

So before we check out the new exterior and interior fittings, the American's revealed a new engine range will be up for grabs with this new addition. A new TDCi diesel engine carrying a capacity of 1.5 litres is the new addition to the family and develops 118bhp. However the range will kick off with a one litre Ecoboost fitting for all entry level models. A two litre diesel in Ecoboost form is also offered with the car. The firm have however said that if you decide to opt for the Ecoboost variety then you will also receive stop/start technology with the car as standard. Inside of the vehicle Ford have included a new feature which can save lives. In the odd rare occasion that a child or anyone without permission has your keys, you can set the safety feature which drastically reduces the speed that the C Max is capable of doing and can also put a restriction on just how loud the radio can play. All of these restrictions are decided upon by yourself.


More space has been added inside of the centre console meaning more room for the placement of drinks or other kit. Connections have also been improved which mean that its not as much of a fuss anymore to plug your mp3 player into the vehicles ports. Ford have also thrown in their second generation SYNC system which allows the driver to operate different functionalities of the car and their smartphone with the use of voice recognition software. The main big highlights to be found outside of the car include a new grille design at the front and the fittings of new LED daytime running lights.


MPV rivals for the new C Max?

Vehicles such as the C4 Picasso from Citroen Peugeot and the Renault Scenic have provided the C Max with much fierce rivalry in the past for the MPV segment and now with the additions of new Ecoboost engines, we see Ford continuing to be a player to contend with. Does this range of new engines and fittings appeal to you more than these two vehicles though?. The new model could definitely be a key player on the market from this year as its sibling the S Max is also set to receive some changes this year too.

Two Blue Ford C Max models

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