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The Volvo XC90 SUV model is spotted undergoing testing

The second generation XC90 SUV model from Volvo has been spied under camouflage in Copenhagen during testing.

Photographs have been released across the internet of spy shots of the brand new Volvo XC90 disguised under extremely heavy padding, which suggests that Volvo has moved onto seeing how the SUV copes with the driving conditions in the city.


How is the Volvo XC90 shaping up?

The images across the internet provide another look at the T-Shaped distinctive LED running lights, along with the location in which the pictures have been took itself is actually rather revealing. Volvo put the V4 model through similar tests at the end of 2011 and on that occasion the focus was on reviewing the real life effectiveness of pedestrian safety systems.


As the company intends for the XC90 model to be one of the safest vehicles that has ever been built, it is likely that a shakedown in technology is the focus this time aswell, though low speed ride and handling will more than likely be under scrutiny aswell.


Other key features and selling points of the Volvo XC90


Along with the systems that we are already aware of, the safety features that face being put under the microscope in Copenhagen are likely to include the all new barrier detection function from the company, the first of its kind that can monitor where the end of a road is, even on roads that do not have side markings, by applying steering torque autonomously to adjust the trajectory of the car.


The cars steer assist system will also be paired up to the Adaptive Cruise Control which will help the model to keep in line and to follow the vehicle in front of it, which Volvo could have taken opportunity to test in this urban environment too. So with these features in mind, we see this particular model as a strong contending rival for similar machines from companies such as Vauxhall, Nissan and Peugeot.

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