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Toyota to develop more FCV models-Volkswagen Connected Golf system-Mini Clubman 2016

The CES event in Vegas this week is proving to be a key destination for car manufacturers this year looking to show off some of their brand new pieces of technology. Audi are making the headlines with their A7 self driving model and Mercedes have already revealed their brand new F 015 self driving autonomous car. Volkswagen are now taking the stage also to reveal their Connected Golf piece of technology. Well from the title, it is pretty clear that the Golf is the affected model here with more vehicles to receive the benefits potentially in the future.


One of the biggest highlights to come out of this new technology demonstrated today is the addition of three different driving interfaces for the very first time. Features including MirrorLink, Android Auto and CarPlay all come with the package. This new system will the driver to operate phone apps via their infotainment screen regardless of which operating system they use whether that be Android or ios. Volkswagen have also said that Media Control will work in conjunction with the infotainment screen which will also allow smart watches and tablets to be displayed on the system too.


The Mini Clubman 2016 from concept to production

In just under one years time we are expecting to see the grand arrival of the second generation of Mini Clubman model. The vehicle has recently been in its concept design and is now looking to go straight into production. Whilst the vehicle was parked though during tests an image was managed to be taken of the interior of the vehicle showing its new design ques. Some fabric covering had been placed over both the dashboard and the door sills so some features may have been restricted from view. The centre console has however been redesigned in terms of shape and has also been raised a little.


We expect some great leg and headroom from the new generation of Mini Clubman too as the company have confirmed that the car will be increased in all aspects including height,length and width. The big news so far though is perhaps that the Clubman is now to be offered in a six door format. The brand new Clubman will go on sale later on into the course of this year and as soon as any more specifications and performance rates are announced, we will keep you updated.


Toyota making more allocations for hydrogen FCV equipment

Toyota have announced that they are to allocate more FCV hydrogen stock parts to their range of designers all around the country. Over 5,000 parts will be issued to the brand developers which is being done in hopes of further speeding up the development of the companies hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, mainly there power-trains. At the moment the Toyota Mirai is to be the first big FCV model to go on sale here in the United Kingdom when it arrives this summer time. The car is already available in Japan. A lot of the materials issued within these five thousand pieces of kit include hydrogen fuel tanks,fuel cell software control and hydrogen production and supplies.  

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