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Vauxhall OnStar technology-Kia Trailster-Audi Prologue Avant

It has been confirmed that at the Geneva Motor Show next month, Vauxhall will display their brand new OnStar technology to the world. The new technology is expected to become available with some Vauxhall models later on into the course of this year. The new OnStar technology package is said by the brand to be a multi functioning connectivity setup. The new feature will include an emergency assistance system for drivers which is accessible any time of day. It will also operate as a wifi hotspot. The new system brings technology to a whole new level as the emergency assistance system will allow an advisor for Vauxhall to detect when an air bag has gone off in the vehicle carrying the equipment and they can then send any help including medical to the drivers exact location if need be. That's not all though, we also see the OnStar setup link to an app which can be downloaded via the drivers smart phone which can then be used to lock and unlock the cars doors and it can also monitor other safety features of the car such as tyre pressure. Vauxhall have certainly taken the next step when it comes to modern day technology in our vehicles and we are looking forward to seeing the system in action in Geneva.


The Kia Trailster is shown

The car is just a concept model for the time being but at the Chicago motor show, Korean car brand Kia officially revealed their latest in concept technology in the form of the new Trailster. The new vehicle is said to be an all wheel drive version of the companies Soul Electric model. The model will come in the form of a hybrid and will be packing a 1.6 litre petrol engine also paired up with an electric motor. A six speed,automatic transmission system has also been confirmed to take its place of pride inside of the car. Of course considering the vehicle is based on the Soul, we do see some similar features carry over to the Trailster. What about new changes made to the car though, well the most obvious are the additions of front skid plates and the new bodywork colour which is now available in White. Inside of the cabin will also be made out of leather fittings and aluminium trimmings. For the moment however, there is no confirmation that the vehicle will make it into production in the future. The car is looking to be a smooth runner for both on road surfaces and off road. It could prove to be a popular choice if it makes the production line in the future.


The Audi Prologue Avant to go on display next month

Audi are just one of many companies that will be represented in Geneva next month and some of the latest news to come from the firm is that they are all set to display their brand new Prologue Avant concept model for the very first time from the event. The chances are that this will not be a vehicle that will be produced in the future but more for future Audi models to adopt design structures and features from. Audi have included new LED lighting on the Avant which can also be found in the second generation R8. A dual exhaust system also finds a place on the car aswell as the front grille which is included in a hexagonal shape. A set of large 22 inch alloy wheels are also fitted to the Prologue Avant. The latest news is that a four litre V8 engine will come fitted to the Avant which will produce power putout pretty close to the 600 brake horse power area. No confirmation has been given regarding a future production version of the car for the road but we may see the Prologue Avant carry some features over to future Audi models.  

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