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Volvo new cycling technology-new Audi dealership-RAC comparison website

Swedish car company Volvo have had one of their most successful years to date and as 2014 draws to a close, the firm can look back and know that they made a difference in the car world. Record sales were made on the new XC90 earlier in the year, just a couple of days ago the firm announced that they are to focus more on online marketing next year and today the brand have revealed brand new technology that they have been developing which will help to save the lives of cyclists on the road.


The brand have been developing new wearable technology for cyclists which will allow the system to communicate with drivers in order to make them aware that they are there on the road. Volvo say that this new technology will save lives. The technology will feature in range of Volvo cars in their safety warning systems and will also be fitted to the helmets of cyclists. The very first taste of the new technology and just how exactly it works will come from the Consumer Electronics Show which happens in January.


John Clark motor group nine million investment

The John Clark Motor Group have officially announced an investment of £9 million into a brand new high tech Audi dealership which is due to be opened up in the Aberdeen area. Audi currently have a dealership located in Aberdeen but the new showroom will be a vast amount larger than the current premises and will measure in at 56,860 square foot therefore making it the largest Audi showroom in the country. The showroom will look to take technology to the next level by allowing customers to view the entire range and every specification of Audi car electronically. The John Clark Motor Group have also said that due to the new investment and larger showroom, this will mean job vacancies opening up of upto twenty positions. It is believed that the new showroom will open up its doors for the first time from the end of 2015.


RAC comparison website brings in a lot of custom

A number of weeks ago it was announced that in co operation with garages located around the country, the RAC would be launching their very own garage comparison website which would allow the user to decide which garage in the area would be best for them and also shows real time updates as to work that the garage would be doing on your vehicle. The announcement of the new website has proven to be hit as this week it has been announced that around 2,700 garages here in the United Kingdom have officially signed up with the RAC in order to be one of the businesses used via the comparison website. The CEO for RAC's partner in the project the Motorists Organisation has commented on the news by saying “Online servicing comparators have been around for a couple of years but have yet to really make a mark. However, the strength of our brand and technology is proving extremely popular with both motorists and those garages who are receiving online bookings”.  

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