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Volvo styling direction-Toyota to open Mexico plant-BMW and Apple working together

Volvo have come out and spoke about different styling directions in which they plant to take their vehicle range in the future. In a nutshell, the company basically come out and stated that they plan to keep their interior designs schemes for their cars as simple as possible in the future and see no need to introduce new over the top features. Thomas Ingenlath who is the head of design for the Swedish firm stated that too much over the top features in vehicles could soon make drivers turn the other way and go more for basic models. It is no secret that the upcoming XC90 is going to be a luxury styled suv from the brand and the company are looking more at being recognised as a luxurious company. He also spoke of marketing to other audiences such as drivers in the brands home country of Sweden who he says focus more on luxury things in the outside world rather than personal or private belongings. It is true that each different market has different needs when it comes to vehicles and Volvo will look to tailor to all needs in the future starting with the new XC90.


Toyota ready to open up a Mexican factory

Although not confirmed by the brand themselves, there is a lot of speculation making the headlines right now which suggests that the Toyota brand are very close to finalising a deal to open up a new plant in the country of Mexico. If the new factory is to open, the next Corolla model will be developed there. The brand originally proposed for the new factory three years ago now and they are the only big car brand that do not have a factory in the country. So to see this happen would be a big move for the Toyota brand that we are looking forward to seeing. It is believed that the deal has not been finalised as of yet but it is very close to it. As soon as the news is confirmed, we will bring you all of the latest.


BMW and Apple work together with the i3

Over the past number of weeks we have heard of the possibility of Apple working on the development of a new electric vehicle and although not confirmed for the time being, the company have taken another step towards this by working in collaboration with the BMW brand on new technology for their popular i3 model. The i3 is due for an update with its operating system and the belief is that Apple will be providing the new technology. The new system to come into play is expected to link up with Apple smart phones and smart watches that would be able to display car information on the drivers chosen device and it would also be able to feature the likes of fuel consumption rates. There is also some rumours that suggest that an Apple device could be used as a key fob for the drivers vehicle but this news has not been revealed as of yet. Little is known on the new operating system right now or when we can expect to receive it inside of the i3, but we may not be too far away from its introduction.  

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