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18th consecutive month at the top for Ford

18th consecutive month at the top for Ford


The UK car market celebrates 18 consecutive months of growth as the Ford Fiesta model runs out on top once again during August. For the past 12 months the top ten best selling list has had a consistent feel to it as the Ford models rounded out a 1-2 finish.


However, the month of August 2013 may show a slight difference in the way things are going. It seems that the Vauxhall Astra model has broken into the top two, shoving the Ford Focus model further down the table. The Astra model was not the only car to come between the two Fords as the best selling car in Europe, the Volkswagen Golf also managed to split the pair.


The Volkswagen Golf has been in the top ten best selling cars in the UK consistently since its release, however, the model has not featured in the top two until this time round.


There are a number of interesting points in the new sales figures for August as the BMW 1 and 3 series record very results in the race for sales. The 1 series placed in a very respectable 6th place and the 3 Series in 8th place.


Another interesting addition to the top ten best selling list would be the Vauxhall Insignia. The new Insignia model rounds out the top ten with an impressive 1147 units for the month of August.


The rise in sales for the month of August really does bode well for the September plate change as typically the month of August is usually a struggle as motorists tend to wait to get the new plate in September.


It is still interesting to see both the Ford Fiesta and Ford Focus models doing so well in the sales chart nearly 24 months since the pair climber their way to the top. Ford will hope other additions and upgrades to the models will continue to offer the difference that many motorists are looking for today.

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