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A brand new engine is thrown into the mix for the Nissan Qashqai

It is one of the biggest selling SUV models of the past seven years and now Japanese manufacturer Nissan have introduced a brand new engine range for their popular crossover variant of the Qashqai in order to celebrate the firm producing their two millionth Qashqai model to date. Thanks to this new addition of a turbo engine, we see the Qashqai has now received some improvements to both the power and performance side of things.


A new transmission system can also be found with the Qashqai crossover. The vehicle is one of the models responsible for the revival of SUV models around the world and it has joined the likes of the Toyota Rav4 and the BMW X5 on top of their game.


How does the new engine benefit the power and performance of the car?

The only changes to be made to the vehicle consist of this new engine addition and a new transmission. So with our first look into the brand new engine that has been fitted to the crossover variant, we see that the car is now fitted with a 1.6 litre, DIG-T petrol unit and is the same engine that can currently be found in the brands Pulsar model. 240 NM of torque is delivered through this new engine which is a 50NM increase on the smaller unit.


With that coming into play, we now see that this Qashqai crossover variant is now capable of reaching an overall top speed of 124 miles per hour which is helped reach this destination by time of 9.1 seconds in which it takes the vehicle to make that leap from a standing start to speeds of 62 miles per hour.


Regarding that brand new transmission system, we are pleased to report on the news that an automatic transmission is now offered with the 1.2 litre DIG-T model but this transmission system is only made available with the vehicle as an optional extra. Fuel economy and emissions are also reduced thanks to this extra. Without a doubt in our minds, this SUV model from Nissan alongside the Juke has put the SUV sector on the top run of the ladder on a global scale. With companies such as Mercedes and Citroen also joining the fight in the sector, can the Qashqai continue its reign of dominance in the car industry well into the future?


When will the new Qashqai model be made available?

It has been confirmed by Nissan directly that their new Qashqai model will be made available in Nissan showrooms from the January of next year with the order books on this model being open now. Regarding how much you can expect to pay out for this brand new addition to the range, it has been confirmed that a cost starting at £23,200 will come along with the vehicle. £1,350 is the price to add the automatic transmission to the 1.2 litre DIG T model.  

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