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A brand new Mitsubishi ASX crossover model on the way

The 'Evo' badge could very well be poised to make its return to the Mitsubishi range in the future the Japanese brand have revealed. This week there has been a lot of discussion about a new ASX model set to launch in the future which is likely to be more aimed at the crossover market and will also carry the 'Evo' badge. It is not exactly clear as to when we can expect to see the new model go on sale if all goes according to plan. However a little something for the ASX range is expected to be coming along as early as next year and will operate as the official replacement for the brands current Lancer Evolution model. Just the mere though of an 'Evo' badge fitted to another Mitsubishi model makes us happy as we look back at the legacy of this badge for the iconic brand which helped them to become the number one biggest rivals for that of the Impreza/WRX from Subaru. So what are the current plans for the new ASX crossover?.


Will a new ASX take the crossover market to the next level?

Lance Bradley who is the head of Mitsubishi here in the United Kingdom has stated that a brand new ASX will find its way onto the market in 2016 and will feature a four wheel drive platform as standard but the car will run on a two wheel drive setup for a plug in hybrid version of the car which will also go on sale. There has been no indication as to whether this model will carry the 'EVO' badge but it was made clear that this just an idea that is being discussed by the brand at the moment, there is always a strong possibility for it though.


Hints towards the next ASX being an 'Evo' model

Recent comments made by Mr Bradley have said that future performance Mitsubishi's are looking to be hybrid models and with next years model receiving plug in hybrid technology, this certainly does plead a case for the new model operating under the world renown badge. It is still only early days in the development of the new car though and we don't expect to hear more on this for a number of months or at least until the board over at Mitsubishi make a decision on the new car. As soon as any information is revealed though regarding the future of the car, we will have all of the latest for you here at Shortfall.

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