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A future Jeep pickup truck-Fiat Linea replacement-Subaru Outback launch

Jeep are the brand who are most famous for their suv line up which includes the likes of the Renegade and the Cherokee. A number of years ago however they were known for the production of a pick-up truck style model under the name of the Comanche which ended production way back in 1992. From then on right up until now however, fans have been yearning for a new model in a similar fashion and Jeep have finally addressed the possibility of a model in the future. Mike Manley who is the CEO of the Jeep brand has spoken out on the issue by stating that he is fan of the model range but bringing a new model to the line up could prove to be tricker than what it sounds. Jeep have stated that the chance of one of these models arriving before 2018 is very unlikely as it would most likely arrive after this time based on the companies new Wrangler model. What do you think of this news?. Is a new pick-up truck from Jeep something that you would be interested in buying?. Let us know your thoughts.


The replacement for the Fiat Linea spotted on the road

First test images have been posted online which show what appears to be the new replacement for the Fiat brands Linea model. This brand new vehicle will go on sale from next year but for the moment, Fiat have not confirmed whether it will still be known under the same Linea name or it will be giving a new outlook entirely. We already know of some of some of the countries that this new model will be offered in which includes the likes of North America and India. The car will also go on sale in the European market including here in the United Kingdom. The brand new model has been designed as part of a venture with Tofas in Turkey with one billion dollars being invested into the development of this new car. Fiat have confirmed that to begin with, they will only produce a sedan version of the car but further down the line we will also see an estate and hatchback version of the car reach our shores too.


Subaru Outback launch time has been announced

Subaru have announced the launch time of their brand new Outback model which has been confirmed to be going on sale here in the United Kingdom from the 1st of April. This will be the fifth instalment into the Outback range with the model already being on sale in the United States. Subaru have also confirmed that the price tag to come along with this car here in Britain will roll in at a figure of £27,995. Some of the big selling points of the new model are to be announced to be a two litre, turbocharged diesel engine that gives out 148 brake horse power. A 2.5 litre petrol alternative will also be on offer with 173bhp being the outcome. Along with launch news, Subaru also revealed that there will be two trim levels on offer for the car which will add in some great equipment such as the likes of LED automatic headlights,heated seating, seventeen inch alloy wheels and a seven inch infotainment screen. As we go the range topping trim we can find leather seating, a keyless entry system and a push button start system.  

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