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A Jaguar baby saloon model on the way this October

Jaguar has recently released a brand new live image of its baby saloon model, in preparation for its official revelation for October this year.

The  car vehicle company released a brand new official image of it's new XE small saloon model, which was disguised heavily in a mechanical body wrap, the image which can be seen across the internet is the best opportunity for people to see what kind of shape the baby saloon will be adopting.


How is the new Jaguar saloon looking so far?

The model's production version is set to be officially revealed this in October this year at the Paris Motor Show 2014. The image was posted on the company's official Twitter page, it is part of a marketing ploy from the brand to help to build interest in the new XE saloon model. Although the mule is still heavily clad and is rather concealed from view, the short overhangs at the front and rear are easily made out for the first time.


The wrap shows the skeleton of the platform that will be used on the XE model and is also a brand new construction from the company. The 'iQ Al' structure of aluminium will be used to underpin the brand's forthcoming SUV also, which is due in 2016 and will more than likely find its way under Jaguar's model range in the future.


Engines, Performance and rivals of the new Jaguar

The company is also planning on a brand new range of four cylinder turbo charged petrol and diesel engines for the XE model. The powerplants, which are British built will form the economy focused backbone of the Jaguar range, whilst supercharged higher output V6 and V8 models are also in the line for the XE S, XE R and maybe the XE R-S go faster versions.


The brand new Jaguar XE will be going on sale early on next year and will be battling the current BMW 3 series and the new Mercedes C Class. The Jaguar brand have always been one of the most well established companies in the car world and we believe that this new addition brings power and comfort equally which could very well be the key to some tremendous success for the company in the near future.

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