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An off road Range Rover SVO model to arrive?

Jaguar/Land Rover special vehicle operations division has been delivering on some excellent exciting vehicles over the past number of months. This division has proven to be a great success for the brand but the company could now be working on an off road Range Rover model as a part of their special vehicle operations division that could be set to arrive on the road in the future.


SVO models are more focused on performance and handling and deliver a very exciting driving experience. This has been demonstrated by Land Rover in the past with a vehicle addition known as the Autobiography. If this new Range Rover SVO model is to be launched, it has been stated to be more designed for off road surfaces as the head of Jaguar Land Rover SVO has stated that its not just small production models that are affected by the division but extreme off road models are also on the way.


Does the Range Rover need updating?

The first generation of Range Rover went on sale in 1970 and the latest fourth generation model has been made available since 2012.A hybrid version of the fourth version also went on sale. Both the Sport and the Evoque are more models which have made their presence felt and made Range Rover a well recognised name all around the world. The head of the SVO division John Edwards commented on the matter saying that the idea of these models were still being discussed within the company but didn't give a list of what specific vehicles will be included in these changes. He also stated that there is more opportunity where the Range Rover is concerned over other models in the range.


There is no comments as of yet which describe the kind of changes that would be expected to take a place in an updated Range Rover but with an off road model being discussed, we believe that some changes to the engine may be taken into consideration or even some tweaking delivering on more power as many SVO models have received in the past. Some changes to the body work and design structure of the vehicle would also be expected.


Are more SVO vehicles to follow?

With the announcement of discussions regarding a Range Rover off road update, we highly believe that other SVO models from the Range Rover family may certainly follow suit. Nothing more is known about the vehicle range from the special vehicle operations division but as soon as any further developments are issued regarding the future of an off road Range Rover within the SVO we will have all of the latest.

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