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Aston Martin drop the GT3 name-Range Rover Evoque convertible-Subaru new larger model plans

After a long dispute with the Porsche brand and their owners the Volkswagen Group, British car manufacturer Aston Martin have agreed to change the name of their Vantage GT3 model. The company have now dropped the GT3 name for the car and re badged it as the Vantage GT12. Porsche had an issue with the naming of the car as they said the name itself belonged to themselves with their 911 range and their argument was that they had been using the name for the better part of sixteen years. Aston Martin originally responded by saying the car was named after the FIA GT race series but after some lengthy negations and to save any negative press the Brits have now decided to drop the name and replace it with the GT12. The new Vantage range will give out 595 brake horse power and it will cost £250,000.


The Range Rover Evoque convertible out on the road

It was one month ago that Jaguar-Land Rover officially confirmed the news of the brand new Range Rover Evoque convertible as it was revealed that the new model had been tested in underground tunnels in London. However it would now appear that the car has moved its testing area to the Nurburgring where it has been spotted under some disguise taking on the track. It would also appear that Land Rover have added a new spoiler at the back end of the car which is new compared to that of the concept model that was first revealed. After a check on the car was done, it was revealed that the tested model was carrying the fitting of Jaguar's 2.0 litre diesel engine with both 148 and 178bhp deliverances across two different engines. A two litre turbocharged petrol engine will also be on offer with the car when it goes on sale from next year.


When we take a look at the images of the car testing on the track we can see the fitting of a reshaped back end and bumper setup in order to incorporate the new boot lip style spoiler. The front bumper also receives some reshaping as does the front grille and LED lighting is also offered with the new convertible carrying a drop top roof. With Land Rover already confirming the new model for sales to begin next year, there is a chance that we will more than likely see this new model make its grand debut this year. The New York Motor Show next month could be a potential contender for a reveal but the Frankfurt Motor Show this coming September would seem more realistic. As soon as we have more information on this new model we will let you know.


Subaru working on a new seven seater vehicle?

Subaru could very well be on their way to producing a brand new model in large form set to go on sale in around three years time. There has been reports making their rounds over the past number of weeks that have said Subaru are developing this new model and it is expected to be something in the form of a seven seater model. Subaru have tried dabbing their hand in the three row vehicle range in the past with their Tribeca model but sadly this did not prove to be a great seller for the mass manufacturer. The new model is expected to make it onto the road by 2018 but recent reports are suggesting that Subaru are not yet fully decided on which direction they are going to take with the new car.


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