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Audi 2014 sales-BMW infotainment development-Citroen future design plans

When you think of Citroen, what vehicle springs to mind first?. For us we can go back in time and think of models such as the Saxo and the C1. More modern models though we have one specific vehicle in mind and that is the C4 Cactus. The Cactus is known for its unique styling and design at an affordable price. Speaking of which, Citroen have this week outlined their plans for their range in the future. The brand are saying that in the future they will be selling their cars based on style and design and not pricing. The brand are looking to make their cars more unique in terms of styling and design than any other manufacturer on the market right now. A statement from Citroen says that their car range in the future will of course share some similar designs but they are looking to make them more unique than ever before. Overall the main idea is to sell more vehicles further down the line by making the cars different and giving customers something special compared to other companies rather than by competing with rivals on prices. This information was given by the head of Citroen Linda Jackson. So what kind of features would you like to see on future Citroen models?. Let us know your thoughts.


BMW developing new infotainment technology

BMW are hard at work on developing their new infotainment technology with their 'I Drive' system. The new technology is being developed in order to offer a new touchscreen system in the future The likes of voice recognition software is another feature that the company are looking to add to their system in the future. The new setup will look to make history by offering a curved style screen but no confirmation has been given on the sizes as of yet. We do not know of which cars are set to carry the new system in the future but we would expect that with the technology coming into play, further electric models would be a serious candidate as far as the new additions are concerned.


Global Audi sales rise

Audi have confirmed that their total number of new car sales for the 2014 year in general has risen on a year on year basis compared to sales in 2013. The brand stated that global sales for the firm had reached 1.74 million all around the world for last year alone which means that they seen a 10.5 percent rise in sales compared to 2013. It is believed that the big contributions to sales last year was due to a new MLB driving platform which is the same to be found in the brand new Q7. The two best selling vehicles for the company during this time period was both the Q5 and the A6 Avant model. The Q5 sold the most with numbers of 247,446 units being purchased and the A6 Avant hit 241,657. Audi will be looking to make these sales figures even bigger this year by using their new plants in Brazil and Bavaria to produce even more vehicles for sale.


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