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Audi A3 Ultra sales and new R8 engines-Porsche engines up for the axe

Audi have began the sales on their new A3 Ultra model which is now available from your local Audi dealership. There are some truly magnificent features that come along with the new model but some standard features from the standard model have been replaced. Audi more than make up for some losses though with the new and improved engine which returns just 89g/km C02 emissions in both the three and five door variants of the car. Out goes the sunroof made from panoramic glass and the spare tyre has also been replaced in a space saving tempt and is replaced by the included tyre inflation kit which carries gel used in the tyre to keep it going much in the same way you can expect a run flat tyre to do. The company did confirm that the TDI and SE models in the A3 line-up are now replaced by these new Ultra models but Sport and S Line trim options have been confirmed to stay the same. The cost of one of these new Ultra models will begin from £20,865 with the sales on the car starting from August.


Six cylinder Porsche engines to be scrapped?

There is some news making the rounds which suggests that the next line up of Porsche 911 could very well be dropping the fitting of its six cylinder engine line up. The new model has been spotted testing on a number of occasions and reports are suggesting that only turbocharged engine units will be made available on the new models. The new changes will come as a part of the cars facelifted range and we can expect to see a debut for the new 911 model later this year. Six cylinder engines will still be on offer just in turbocharged form and not naturally aspirated as they are now. The news was not confirmed directly by the Porsche brand themselves but it is highly expected that it will be when the car gets its unveiling which could very well take place from the Frankfurt Motor Show which happens this coming September.


New engines for Chinese Audi and Lamborghini cars?

The growing tax rates for higher powered engines in cars over in China has recently become a little bit of a problem for drivers in the country. The higher the power that a car and its engine gives out, the more likely the price tag is going to be higher for that particular car on that market and the Audi R8 and the Lamborghini Huracan are no different. This is why a rumour has been heard that both brands could be looking to bring in a new five cylinder engine for both of these super cars in the country in order to make the vehicle more affordable therefore resulting in more sales for both cars. This is of course should be treated as a rumour for now as neither Lamborghini or Audi themselves have made any comment on the news.  

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