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The Porsche 911 GT3 R has been revealed

German designers Porsche have revealed their brand new addition into their 911 range which is going to be made available not just for the track but for a customers on public roads also and it comes in the form of the 911 GT3 R. This is set to be one of the sportiest 911 additions ever to go on public roads and as you may expect from such as high class car, the model will also come along with a bit of a price tag but that is something we will get into a little later. As you would expect from an R model, the main area of focus has been much on the power that the car gives out and some new techniques which have been used in order to make the racer more lightweight and agile than ever before. In regards to this, we think that Porsche have done their job very well. So what exactly have the company done to the car to make it nothing short of spectacular?.


The key things to be found with the new 911 GT3 R

So power as we mentioned is a big focus for the brand. It has been confirmed that a four litre engine in flat four format will be found underneath the bonnet and thanks to this addition,power of 500 brake horse power will also come into the mix. This will be paired to a constant mesh, six speed transmission also. In order to make the car perform much more efficiently also, a lot of weight reduction for the 911 GT3 R has also been brought into play and braking has also been improved by new aluminium brake callipers. ABS is also included as standard and a large rear wing also helps to create more down force for the car.


Porsche are looking to have the 911 GT3 R appeal to more customers by also bringing new features into play. One of the areas that has been focused on is lower fuel consumption by the car. Servicing costs and the prices for parts needed for the car have also been significantly decreased. This is an area we believe that Porsche will excel when it comes to bringing in more custom for this specific vehicle.


Now moving onto that price tag

As we mentioned earlier, there is a slightly costly price tag that comes along with the new 911 GT3 R but we did expect this with it being such an extravagant car. The figure has been revealed as 429,000 euros which works out around £311,438 in pounds sterling. Expect to see the new GT3 R go on sale from this coming December as it looks to dethrone the likes of the Nissan GT R Nismo and Audi R8 when it arrives.  

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