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Audi release a teaser video of the new A9 concept model

German car brand Audi have released a video which shows the highly anticipated A9 concept model. The A9 concept has received much rumour and speculation over the course of the past few months but the now the brand have confirmed that fans will not have to wait much longer as they will be bringing this brand new vehicle with them to the Los Angeles motor show at the end of this month. The vehicle was originally believed to be a direct replacement for the popular R8 model but from the video that has been released of the A9 this is proving to not be the case as the model appears disguised in the form of a brand new saloon vehicle.


What do we know from this new video released by Audi?

Unfortunately not a lot of information was revealed regarding the car and its specifications in the video but we do expect to hear a lot more in LA this month. The video has stated though that a lot of the design structure of the vehicle has been borrowed from other top selling vehicles in the companies history including the likes of the TT and the A8. From the view of the car in the video, it is shown that the vehicle will have sloping roof line which will blend into the bonnet. A brand new interior design never before seen in an Audi vehicle is also expected to be displayed aswell as some brand new technology for the LCD instrument cluster located inside of the vehicle.

A Blue Audi A9 at Shortfall



Considering Audi are keeping a lot about the car under lock and key right now, there is not much on the market that we could compare this vehicle to in terms of some competition. We will know more when information regarding the engine is made public amongst other features. The German brand have always been a top rival for Mercedes though who have recently revealed the brand new G Code concept vehicle so can Audi make their presence felt with the new A9 concept in LA?.


The future for the Audi A9 concept

It is uncertain at this moment in time as to whether or not the vehicle will officially make it into production and go on sale in the future. Judging by the anticipation for the vehicle and the hype that has surrounded it, we believe it is a high possibility of the car making showrooms in the next few years. The new design scheme used for the vehicle though has been stated to make it onto production models into the future. We will keep you updated with all of the latest news for the A9 concept as soon as it is revealed later this month by Audi.

A Gold coloured Audi A9 concept model at Shortfall

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