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Audi/Mercedes to overtake BMW-Mini Superleggra not confirmed-Virgin EV

It was last year that we first saw a brand new concept convertible model from the Mini brand which was given the name of the 'Superleggra'. The car received a very positive reaction when it was first revealed to the general public and earlier on this week, reports were making the rounds online which stated that the concept model has been given the go ahead for production in the future. Just as we all got excited for this wonderful news, the brand have come out and said that this isn't actually the case. According to Mini, they are still waiting on a final decision regarding the new model. The head of Mini said that the new model would certainly be a great addition to the companies range but he could not confirm that the car had been given the approval for a launch and production model. Schwarzenbauer also said shot down rumours of a new small Mini in the Rocketman design by stating that he didn't think a smaller Mini model would be seeing production at this point either. It appears that the interest for a brand new 'Superleggra' model is certainly at an all time high so it would not surprise us at this juncture to learn of the car being produced in the future, for the time being though, we are awaiting Mini to confirm this.


Virgin to produce an electric car?

Boss of Virgin Richard Branson has commented on the electric vehicle scene in the automotive industry right now by stating that his team over at Virgin are hard at work on developing a brand new electric car that could some day in the future even go on to rival the likes of the Tesla brand with their Model S range and forthcoming vehicles from the company. Although any more information is being kept very quiet for the time being, there is always a chance that these vehicles could be sold further on down the line. Virgin have already demonstrated that they can produce this kind of car by having their very own model included in the Formula E season. It would however be interesting to see just how Virgin get on with introducing their own EV onto the market especially when it comes to firms who already have vehicles in the market aswell as Tesla.


Will Audi and Mercedes take over the BMW brand this year?

The fight for the number one position in terms of car sales has always been like a rat race between BMW, Audi and Mercedes. But over the past number of years, Audi and Mercedes have quickly been catching up to their German counterpart so much to the point that BMW have even now admitted that may be taken over sales wise by the end of the decade. Over the course of the first two months of this year, Audi outdone BMW in new car sales on both occasions. Much in the same way from a year on year basis, Audi sales for January and February have climbed by 1.5 percent whereas Mercedes have overtaken the ten percent growth of BMW by rating thirteen percent in new car sales compared to the previous year. Both Audi and Mercedes have set their sights on overtaking BMW and with some great models such as the GLC and the new Q7 and R8 set to go on sale this year, the dream could become a reality for the two German brands quicker than we originally thought.  

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