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BMW 3 Series GT special edition revealed-Jaguar test the F Type RS-Chinese brands make a miniature Range Rover

BMW have revealed a brand new Luxury Lounge edition of their popular 3 Series GT model which will carry some brand new added features. The new model is going to be extremely limited and in some sad news for us European fans, the vehicle is only set to make its way to showrooms in Japan. The brand have confirmed that these new models will be available in the country from the 1st of April which happens to be next week and the models are expected to sell very quickly due to the 140 units only that are going to be made of the special edition vehicle. The brand new model will carry some great additions which include the likes of heated seating, parking assistance,a professional sat nav system and an all new surround sound system. Engine power has been updated as we still see the same 2.0 litre turbocharged set up fitted underneath the bonnet but power has now been raised which sees 184 brake horse power delivered. This means that the sprint from 0 to 62 miles per hour will take just 7.9 seconds in total. The final big changes to be brought into play with the new model include different paint work which is now available in new White and Blue designs aswell as Beige coloured leather upholstery inside of the cabin.


Jaguar are spied testing the new F Type R-S

The F Type range has quickly established itself as one of the best selling vehicles that British manufacturer Jaguar have on offer. It has seen multiple updates over the years which have changed everything from styling to power produced. However it is around that time again that Jaguar complete some more work on this particular model. The brand have began tests on the new F Type R-S model which is going to see some significant rises in power produced. The new car was spotted lapping the Nurburgring The same five litre V8 supercharged engine is going to be included underneath the bonnet but the big change is that the new car is expected to hit out at around 580 to 600 brake horse power overall. There is no news on other specifications added to to the car but when spied it was wearing a disguise over the front end which could easily point towards some new revisions made to the front bumper and air intakes. One thing however that was spotted was larger ceramic disc brakes behind the wheels of the car. An all new quad designed rear diffuser will also make the cut with the next model. There has been no confirmation given as of when we can expect to see the new car go on sale or what purchase price is going to come along with it but we are looking forward to hearing more about this new car over the duration of the next number of months.


The Range Rover Longer Yuelang X1?

What is this vehicle you are referencing you may ask, surprisingly no it is not a a new model from Land Rover but more of a vehicle that duplicates that of a Land Rover designed vehicle. Two companies based in China named Hebei Cook Electric Vehicle Corporation and Jiangsu New Grant New Energy Technology Company have designed a new model which mirrors that of a miniature sized Range Rover. Companies across the water are known for creating these sort of vehicles with the likes of the BMW i3 replica and the Volkswagen Beetle being some of the more recent duplicated vehicles. This new model from the two Chinese companies is like a much more compact Range Rover that's been made shorter in both length and width not much larger than a Smart car actually. To add more to the replica value of the car, the company have also used the trademark, Blue and Black BMW logo in the centre of the vehicles wheels also. The Yuelang X1 could just as easy pass for a relative of the Range Rover range but we don't really see the car catching on anytime soon.  

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