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BMW M4 laser lighting-A new Kia Sportage-Infiniti QX70S

A brand new Kia Sportage model is currently in the works and for the first time ever, the vehicle has been spotted out and about. The launch of an all new Sportage will mark the vehicles fourth lifespan on the road and it is expected that the vehicle will launch badged under a 2016 model. Very little regarding new components added to the motor was made visible from images that were taken of the car due to the amount of heavy disguise surrounding it. However the front headlights look to be thinner and the rear lights look to be LED set-ups. There is expectation right now that the Korean brand could use a new seven speed,dual clutch setup in the vehicle and both diesel and petrol units can be expected although no confirmation on this has been given as of yet. Kia are remaining quiet about the new Sportage model but the images have confirmed that it is in the works and could be close to a grand launch on the road.


Infiniti launch a newly updated QX70

Infiniti have just launched their recently updated model onto the streets of the United Kingdom. The QX70 has received what Infiniti call the S design setup making the vehicle now badged under the name of the QX70S. With a revised model going on sale, you can expect to find some new features all around the car and that is exactly what the Nissan subsidiary brand have delivered on. New engine options include a V6 diesel aswell as a V6 petrol engine. With power ranging from 235bhp for the diesel right up to 316 for the alternative petrol option. New fittings can be found made to the bodywork of the vehicle including chrome surroundings around the registration plate and the air vents. Twenty one inch Black alloy wheels also help make the car stand out even better than it did originally.


Purple and Black is very much the theme for changes made inside of the QX70S with the steering wheel,door sides and seating area receiving the colour features. Infiniti have revealed the price for both the diesel and petrol option with the diesel roaring in at £49,620 and your petrol option to set you back £49,775.


BMW add laser lights to the M4

BMW have revealed that their ever popular M4 model is all set to receive new technology and they come in the form of the companies laser light technology. We have seen BMW make history with laser lights by being the first company to offer them on their i8 vehicle. The new design was revealed at the Consumer Electronics Show where the brand gave a laser demonstration show with the lights fitted to the car. Interestingly here, BMW are looking to break boundaries with the new fittings by offering laser lights as an alternative to standard headlights by having the option of using the lights on full beam without affecting the sight of other drivers in the cars path. BMW have also stated that the M4 will receive new 'frozen colour' options later this year too. The M4 is set to receive big changes that could make it even more popular than it already it is and we look forward to seeing the all new design in the future.  


A Blue BMW M4

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