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Skoda Superb information revealed-Fiat 500 X-Infiniti Q70 engines

Skoda are all set to launch their brand new Superb model for the 2015 year which will officially mark the third generation of the vehicle to go on sale. The Superb has been on the road ever since 2001 and has had around 700,000 units of the car be sold all over the world. Skoda are now setting their sights high with this brand new model as the chairman of the company Professor Dr.Winfried Vahland would like to see the third generation Superb hit the same amount of sales on its own over the duration of its life span.


Earlier on today the company revealed sketched images of the vehicle but now the firm have officially confirmed some of the specifications to come along with the vehicle. The engine range has been announced by Skoda and we see three diesel options consisting of 1.6 and 2.0 engines. The petrol range has also been revealed featuring a 123bhp 1.4 litre unit and a 276bhp producing two litre engine. It is uncertain at the moment though as to whether the petrol variants will come to the United Kingdom but this is in discussion right now.


The car has been revealed via pictures showing it in a Silver paint scheme with a sloping roofline and bonnet. A large set of alloy wheels are also included. The new Superb will be in Skoda showrooms from next September and both an estate and a hybrid variation of the car will become available in 2016.


A new engine is confirmed for the Infiniti Q70

Infiniti have today revealed a brand new four cylinder engine which is to be found in their Q70 model. The brand new model is set to go on sale from January here in the UK and has now been confirmed to carry a 2.2 litre,four cylinder diesel engine. This means that fuel economy and lower C02 emissions all come into play with the Q70 for 2015. It will return 57.6 mpg and emit 129g/km C02 emissions. Previously the Q70 featured a V6 engine unit and emitted 199g/km so as you can see from this figure, this is indeed a vast improvement upon the old model.


A top speed of 137mph has also been announced for the new Infiniti model. A hybrid variant of the Q70 will also be up for grabs and along side both this and the diesel engine, a petrol V6 will also be on offer. Technology features include a lane departure warning system,cruise control and blind spot monitoring. The new diesel engine has also been confirmed to be the cheapest engine that the Q70 will have on sale with this entry level model coming into you with a cost starting off at £32,650.


Orders on the Fiat 500 X 'opening edition' are open now

We have heard a lot about the new 500 X addition from Italian's Fiat. The car will be made available with the first set of deliveries arriving in May of next year. The company have now however opened up the order books on the vehicles 'opening addition' models. This range is only available in limited numbers, 500 to be exact. This special edition of the vehicle does offer you as the driver a lot of extras for your money. There are a range of trim levels to be introduced for the standard 500 crossover with more and more equipment being added each time. If you are lucky enough to get your hands on the 'opening addition' though you can expect all of these features and added extras all for free as part of the package. Entry level models receive features such as a reversing camera,18 inch alloy wheels and a blind spot assistance system. If you however prefer something a little more high range, we will cast our attention to the range topping model which sees some wonderful highlights such as a Black and Red leather interior,steering wheel paddles,folding mirrors and an electric rear view mirror. Prices on the new 500 X 'opening edition' come in at £25,845 and the extra kit you will receive is worth £2,850.

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